International Educational Project «НОМЕ. Meeting the planet»

International Educational Project «HOME. Meeting the planet» took place from September 2009 until February 2010 all over Russia and CIS countries.

The project was officially supported by the federal government. The film ‘HOME’ was included in educational programs for the Moscow city region.

‘Meeting the planet’ doesn’t only imply screening ‘HOME’ in schools and universities, but at free-for-all lectures and competitions, with concrete solutions and hands-on tools, that can be applied right ‘here and now.’

5000 schools from different regions of Russia and CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, etc.) took part in the project. More than 500,000 students and teachers became ‘HOME’ screening participants and took part in various educational projects.

The project was organized by the foundation together with the project under the assistance of a number of ecological and commercial organizations.

The project’s main focus is to bring across the film’s vision that depicts the beauty and fragility of our planet, while striving to help people realize how everything is integral and interconnected. We need to begin changing the fundamental ways of how we live in order to preserve our planet. Every person can make a difference!

Check out the student activities aroused by the film at LiveJournal webpage.

Many teachers have contributed to the blog by sharing their own eco-friendly ideas, materials, and eco-lectures for children. They talk about the way in which they inspire children to renew nature’s balance.

Examples can be found in the photo-album: