Classical ballet on water

Reception, dedicated to ‘World Environment Day’

“Classical ballet on water” gala-concert took place at the “Kuskovo” estate museum on June 5, 2009 (director-producer Andris Liepa). Masterpieces of world choreography, moved from the confines of traditional theatre into natural surroundings, where they have attained new meanings and interpretations within ‘World Environment Day.’

The stage being constructed right above the pond’s surface was lighted in deep blue light so as to merge with the water’s surface. Romantic ‘Kuskovo’ landscapes acted as natural scenery.

The evening’s program included fragments from the ballets of “Swan Lake”, “Raymonda”, “Le Corsaire.” They were presented by the “Kremlin Ballet” theatre and also included the best dancers of the Mariinsky and Bolshoi theatres.

However, unity and fragility of nature’s beauty and the beauty created by mankind (Nature and Art) were stressed in an unexpected manner. In the last seconds of the second act of “Swan Lake” Kuskovo-park was drenched by down-pouring rain with strong gusts of wind, which did not allow dancers to finish the performance.

Nevertheless, we are certain we have managed to fulfill our goal – to sound our call bringing attention to the environment, to its eternally fragile and unique beauty.